Climate WOD


Climate WOD

1: "C" Mobility Day


3min AMRAP
-20ft walking lunge
-10 air squats
-5 broad jumps

2: Back Squat (1x10 @ 60%, 1x8 @ 65%, 1x8 @ 70%, 1x8 @ 75%)

(15 minutes)

*if you dont have a 1RM, FIND IT NOW

3: Front Squat (1x5 @ 60%, 1x5 @ 65%, 2x5 @ 70%)

(12 minutes)

*if you don't have a 1RM, FIND IT NOW

4: Muscle-ups (2x ME)

Muscle Up Progressions:

  • kipping on rings
  • box "v" ups
  • banded turn overs
  • ring dips

*The coaches will take you through all the progressions. Athletes will not move on to the next progression until they are proficient with the movement prior.

**If you "have" muscle ups you will take two attempts at a ME set.