CrossFit Classes


We offer traditional CrossFit classes with multiple sessions throughout the day. These are structured group classes run by a CF-L1 or higher coach with a programmed workout. Classes are 1 hour long and typically include stretching, warm-up, strength movements and conditioning. CrossFit membership also includes access to the gym during non-scheduled class times (Open Gym) enabling you to work on specific skills and/or make-up missed workouts.

New to CrossFit looking to try it for the first time? 

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Personal Training


Single Training Sessions

Looking to improve a skill or movement? Work with one of our certified personal trainers to address specific needs in a scheduled 1-on-1 session.
1 hour = $50
1/2 hour = $35

Monthly Training Sessions

Needing to improve in areas that may require multiple sessions? We offer monthly options to help you develop skills/movements that need a little more attention.

Non Member Rates

2 sessions/week = $225/month ($28/session)
3 sessions/week = $300/month ($25/session)

Member Rates

2 sessions/week = $120 ($15/session)
3 sessions/week = $160 ($15/session)

Drop-Ins Welcome!

Please call or contact us ahead of time to let us know when you’re coming! Must have sufficient previous CrossFit experience.
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