CrossFit Classes


We offer traditional CrossFit classes with multiple sessions throughout the day.

These are structured group classes run by a CF-L1 or higher coach with a programmed workout. Classes are 1 hour long and typically include stretching, warm-up, strength movements and conditioning. CrossFit membership also includes access to the gym during non-scheduled class times (Open Gym) enabling you to work on specific skills and/or make-up missed workouts.

CrossFit Pricing

Unlimited Membership Month-to-Month: $160.00/m
Unlimited Membership Pre-Pay 6 mo.: $155.00/m
Unlimited Membership Pre-Pay 12 mo.: $150.00/m
Unlimited Barbell Month-to-Month: $120.00/m
Military/First Responder/Student: $145.00/m
3 x Week Option: $140.00/m
Partner Membership: $145.00/person (must be married)
Single Parent Membership: $145.00/m

Personal Training


Single Training Sessions

Looking to improve a skill or movement? Work with one of our certified personal trainers to address specific needs in a scheduled 1-on-1 session.
1 Hour: $75

Monthly Training Sessions

Needing to improve in areas that may require multiple sessions? We offer monthly options to help you develop skills/movements that need a little more attention.

Non Member Rates

2 Sessions/Week: $225/month ($28/session)
3 Sessions/Week: $300/month ($25/session)

Member Rates

2 Sessions/Week: $120 ($15/session)
3 Sessions/Week: $160 ($15/session)

Additional Training Options


Ignite.U is a 45 minute class designed to get that heart rate up, burn those calories, and leave you sweating your butt off.  This will be a low weight, high intensity class for all fitness levels.  

M/W/F - 7am, 10am
Saturdays - 9am
More class times to come if need is there.  

Non-Members: $99/month | Members: $20/month  

Teens Strength & Conditioning

This class is for all fitness levels of teens and will be designed to help develop either athletic ability or just overall fitness.  Ages will be for 10 to 18 year olds (exceptions can be made).  

M/W/F - 8:00am(14-18 year olds) 9:00am (10-13), 3:00pm (for all)

All Ages: $65/month


Obstacle Course Race Training

Developed and designed by Coach Alex, this will be a course for anyone and everyone in and out of the gym!  Almost all of these workouts can be done outside of the gym, or in the gym with friends!  We will send out specific info on it as soon as we release the program!  

8 Week Course: $100 
Members will get half-off for referring a non member who signs up!  


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