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A workout can be done anywhere, but being in a group with like-minded, supportive people who are striving to better themselves everyday is what keeps you coming back. Whether you are young or old, your goals are big or small, our certified coaches work with you to help change your life and build your confidence and trust for you to become the best YOU possible. 


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Attend 6 one-on-one personal intro sessions

In these (6) one hour sessions (on-boarding) your coach will teach you all basic CrossFit movements that will lead you to success within a class. These sessions are the foundation to excelling in the CrossFit "game."


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Take what you've learned in on-boarding and join class, make friends and become fully submerged in the Climate community. 

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What to expect

We will do a full assessment over a defined period of time to see where your abilities lie. When you are prepared to jump into classes, all workouts and movements can be scaled (whats this?) up or down based on your individual abilities and/or limitations. The key to this is that we are not in a competition, except with ourselves! Doing the proper movements at the proper weight based on your individual abilities is a recipe for success.

Everyday, a new WOD (Workout Of the Day) is posted by our coaches which combines strength, cardio and gymnastics and is completed by all members. This workout is broken down at the beginning of class with everyone to be sure all members knows what they are doing before we get started. And to make things easier for you, all workouts and weights are tracked online so you can easily see the progress you are making! 

We understand you may still have questions. Answers to some of these can be found on our FAQs page, but we highly encourage you to fill out the form on this page so we can reach out to you personally. 

What’s all this WOD, AMRAP, METCON, T2B, DU, HSPU talk? 

We understand some of this can be confusing and overwhelming, so we have provided a full list of things you may hear at the gym.

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