Do I need experience or be in shape to get started?

No!  Our workouts and exercises scale to any level – from pvc pipes to barbells, we’ll tailor the workout to your ability. Our athletes come in all shapes and sizes. We have athletes who are in the 99th percentile of fitness and those in the 5th percentile of fitness. You are pushed, coached and encouraged based on your current level of fitness. All we want is for you to give your best effort during each workout.

How will CrossFit benefit me?

CrossFit is "functional fitness". This means the majority of movements will put you through range of motion that can be applied to everyday life. Things like squatting and picking things up from the ground are key fundamentals to everyday movement both in and out of the gym. 

What type of results can I expect?

You will probably a little sore in the beginning. This is due to new muscle usage and increasing range of motion in your joints. You will begin feeling better and stronger shortly after starting! New students can expect about a 15-20% improvement in strength and endurance following the first fifteen sessions. In addition, flexibility, agility and body composition are also improved. You may also notice things like increased mental toughness, energy levels, creativity, improved sleep and reduced joint stiffness are also reported. Most of our athletes are surprised at how fast their improvements come both in and out of the gym! even though they would consider themselves exercisers before starting CrossFit.


The time is now to bring movement and motivation back into your life! Take advantage of our FREE INTRO SESSION and get a feel for what Climate CrossFit has to offer. 

Is it worth it?

We definitely would say it is worth it, but we are a little biased. The only person who can see it's true worth is you! And the only way you can objectively know is to show up and participate in a workout.

We are offering you a FREE INTRO SESSION just to give it a try. And if you need more convincing, just see what some of our members say below. 

I have wanted to join for years and after a year of trying to push myself in the gym I joined. Best thing I have ever done fitness wise. Tony is a GREAT coach and everyone in the 11:30 class is very positive with encouraging me to do my best! Only been 1 month but I have already made progress and LOVE it!
- Jackie

They have really changed my life! These coaches are there to help you become the best athlete possible. They are always pushing you to do more than you think you are capable of, leaving you surprised at what you actually can do! Love it!
- Jocelyn

As a new momma, distance runner addict, and weight lifting reject...I look for a gym that isn't intimidating or judgmental. I felt empowered by the patient coaches. Great gym!
- Rachel

I have spent a number of years on the outside looking in when it comes to CrossFit. I’ve worked out most of my life on my own and gotten by fairly well. Previous injuries (herniated discs in my back and a broken neck) crippled my confidence in what I thought I could do. I knew in order to reach my goals of better fitness, I needed to make a change. 

So in December of 2016 during Christmas break, I decided to give Climate a try. It took one class to realize “I can do this”, and I haven’t looked back since. The workouts alone are awesome, but it’s the accountability, the coaches, the community that keeps me coming back.
- Travis

I wasn't sure what to expect because of the "hype" around crossfit. I was surprised by how much I love the challenge, and appreciate the attention to technique and format the coaches pay. Climate is a great community, and I recommend it every time people who ask what I do to stay fit.
- Jenna