One is indoors and can be loud and obnoxious. The other is calm, quiet and serene in the elements of nature. One is the game of gentlemen. The the other is the sport of "bros". From the outside looking in, this can very much seem to be the case to many people. But there are many parallels between the two sports, and the fact is, CrossFit could improve your golf game!  Lets break it down:


Your stance and stability are key elements before you even think about swinging a club. When you are setting up a shot, either a drive or a putt, you must address the ball properly.  Being toe-heavy in your stance causes you to lean forward, generating less power throughout the entire body and may cause you to come over top of the ball, slice, or become off balance in your follow through. 

Proper foot position is no different in CrossFit and Olympic lifting. Just like a golf swing, proper weight distribution throughout the foot, a huge focus when working with a good coach, is a key element to producing greater lifts and preventing injuries. 

As we know, the golf swing is a very complex multi-faceted, best done in highly repetitive manner. It takes strong legs, strong core and good mobility. I have found that there is something incredibly similar about the two major Olympic lifts. Not only do they build full body strength, they teach patience, timing and focus... just like a golf swing.
— Coach Brian Paley

Posture and Injury Prevention

In order to properly launch that little white ball through the air, posture and a strong core are key elements to generating power. All that twisting an turning can wreak havoc on your core muscles!  A properly trained core will help build the muscles to help you move faster with more stability through the middle. Targeted training such as sit-ups, planks, hollow holds and superman's will help keep those muscles strong and ready fire. Those muscles also get strengthened, and are required for stability in movements like squats and deadlifts. What do squats and deadlifts have to do with golf you ask? Think about how many times you are using your legs and back just getting in and out of a golf cart, carrying a golf bag or simply picking up a golf ball! 

Physical and Mental Endurance

While a round of golf may not have the physical high-intensity of a CrossFit workout, the endurance needed to get through 18 holes of golf without getting tired can't be denied. Think about how you feel at the start of round until that last tee shot on 18. Feel the same? The heat of summer alone can be taxing on your body. While a typical CF workout is short in duration, the elevated heart rate, increased body temperature, muscle building and cardiovascular endurance will help you get around the course and finish strong, especially if you carry your clubs!

The mental acuity that is developed through focusing on movements and pushing through a workout in the gym will also help improve your focus and mental stamina on the course.

Grip and Forearms

Physically I am stronger and starting to see some muscle definition in my arms which I freaking love. On the golf course I am hitting the ball further with every club in my bag.
— Jackie Roseland | Climate Member

Much like endurance, grip strength can improve immensely with CrossFit.  Greater grip strength in golf is required considering the amount of force transferred through your hands and wrists. Improved strength will not only give you better speed and clubhead control on the fairways, but consider it an added bonus when hitting out of rough lies and sand, also preventing injury. It also benefits you in tight lies where you aren't able to have full club travel.  

Grip strength improvements happen through almost all CrossFit movements when you don't even realize it via movements like pull-ups, kettle-bell swings, rows and deadlifts. 


Think about all of the movement that is required in a round of golf. Standing repeatedly from a seated position (if you use a cart), walking, rotation, bending, squatting and reaching to the ground. Every movement requires multiple muscle groups to all work in synchronization to produce power with accurate results and prevent injury.

The same goes for CrossFit. Building strength and increasing your mobility will benefit you greatly on the course, and in life in general. Loosening the tissues around your shoulders can helped you reach fuller extension on your backswing, leading to more power. Most of us are in a stationary position throughout the day. Mobility movements throughout CrossFit will create hip and torso rotations that are synchronized with your arms creates a more consistent swing to generate more club speed with greater control. 

In golf and CrossFit consistency is key!

Spring is right around the corner, and for those of us in the midwest who can't get to the course until warmer weather prevails, let Climate CrossFit help you maintain, and increase, your strength and mobility!  We have no doubts that with proper coaching and scheduled training throughout all of the movements stated in this post, you will be creating muscle memory that can be transferred to the golf course!